I’m so lucky

Before this, I’d never given much thought to opening up and confiding to others, simply because I didn’t like feeling exposed, vulnerable and judged. Today, with the help of my two wonderful friends, I managed to take a leap of faith, the faith in them to not view me in a different light – a negative light to be more exact after telling them my stories, my fears and insecurities. They were patient, they were insightful, but above all, they listened to every word without showing any explicit or even implicit signs of judgement.

This experience of seeking solace in another human being was initially very alien to me, but it was refreshing and comforting all the same. I’ve learned through my maiden experience that opening up yourself to others will no doubt make you feel vulnerable at first, in fact, VERY vulnerable. It’s like taking the first, fate-determining step into an unknown place – you don’t know what is lurking in the corner, you can’t be sure whether it’ll embrace you in a warm hug or lunge forward and attack you. But once you’ve mustered the courage to do just that, to confide with abandon and you’ve received kind, non-judgmental advice, you’ll feel this great sense of empowerment – a feeling that bears such stark contrast to what you initially feel when you are telling your story and releasing pent-up emotions – feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. And I must say, it’s liberating.

If you have the privilege of having friends like mine, consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. You don’t necessarily need friends who shower you with expensive gifts on your birthday and you certainly don’t need friends who only stick by you when times are easy but abandon you without hesitation when you’ve been reduced to nothing but a worn out and desolate spirit in need of human company.

I feel as though there are times when we take for granted this one very important constant in our lives – the warm presence of our loved ones, of our family members and of our closest friends. Take a few seconds to ask them about their well-being. Take a few minutes to listen to them talk about their stories, their fears and their insecurities. Take a few hours to comfort them when they’re feeling particularly under the weather, depressed or just mentally exhausted. Take a few days off to go on a simple trip with them, to enjoy the simple pleasures of each other’s presence. Most importantly, take a whole lifetime to love them like how you’d want to be loved. If you have friends like mine, please take some time, any length of time, to feel grateful and above all, thank them for their presence and for making your life so worth living.

Thanks guys, you know who you are.