What is this?

I seriously get annoyed when people tell you how much your problems don’t matter as compared to others’. Yes objectively and in the grand scheme of things, your problems might be just peanuts to others’, your problems might not be matters of life and death, but people who say your problems don’t matter are not you, they’re neither physically nor emotionally involved in those problems – they know your stories but they are not in them. They’ve not gone through the magnitude of your pain, bitterness, frustration and other emotionally debilitating negative feelings. So really, who are they to prejudge and surmise that you are just being silly? 

So let’s not be judgmental towards other people lah. Most importantly, don’t feel bad when people tell you how your problems are seemingly petty and bear no significance whatsoever. You have all the rights in the world to feel frustrated and above all, to allow time to heal your wounds.


So angry and annoyed at everyone and everything

For no particularly good reason really, this growing rage is eating at me and I have no control over it whatsoever. Whenever I see a soft object I just feel like punching it, and punching it hard; whenever I see a hard object I just feel like hurling it across the room just to hear that loud BAM that ensues; whenever I see a door I just feel like opening it wide and slamming it shut; whenever I see papers I just feel like ripping them apart and whenever I see pencil and paper I just feel like scribbling nonsensical crap all over the surface until there are grotesque gashes, just to make sense of this irrational and illogical fury. But then again do I do them? No. I just carry on with my ever monotonous life, doing past papers and pretending that everything is OK, everything is perfectly fine.