The little things, they matter

I cannot emphasise enough how thankful I am for having the ability to be easily contented about the little things in life – like the occasional (and sometimes unexpected) “hey what’s up!”-like greetings from old friends, the seemingly insignificant “thank yous” and friendly smiles by waiters and waitresses, and the kind (and again, unexpected) deeds strangers do for other strangers and for me that make my day. Not only do these little things make me happier and more positive, they make me less cynical about people and life in general. I shall remain steadfast in my newfound philosophy, that everyone is born good, nobody is really inherently evil. Sometimes people are just blinded by confusion, fury and frustration is all. 

If you find yourself feeling restless, or mentally exhausted, or just blinded and deafened by negative thoughts and emotions, try and get out of the house. Go to a park, go to Gurney Drive, go get a drink at a coffee shop, take a city bus and just soak in your surroundings – soak in the light banter between family members, friends, strangers and couples, soak in their chatter and their laughter about matters that are trivial and petty to you but important to them. Unwind. Let yourself go and let other people into your life for just one hour. That one hour is all it takes. It’s not a life-changing experience, I don’t think, but believe me, all your troubles and sorrows, feelings of anger, bitterness and frustration will dissipate as though they have never been there in the first place. Just like that, they will be reduced to nothingness during that period of time. Granted, your problems will still be there, unless you do something about them yourself (let’s be pragmatic), but getting away from your own universe, i.e. your PERCEIVED reality for just a short while to look at others’ opens your weary eyes to so many things, which will allow you to put things in perspective and in turn, will enable you to do the same for your problems. Looking at the seemingly unimportant might just give you that spark of inspiration, that ah-ha moment that might just as well, slowly but surely, solve your problems, or at least, change the way you view them. 

Savour the little things in life – they are there for a reason. Everything always is.


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