This is for you

I know this is quite out of the blue, but I would just like to apologise to anyone of you whom I might have offended due to my lack of tact or my negligence to certain details, feelings and the like. You guys have to know that I had never wanted to deliberately ill-treat anyone, or to have any bad intentions. Know that sometimes I tend to get too caught up by whatever I’m trying to achieve, whatever I feel compelled to achieve that I overlook the fact that I don’t live alone – I co-exist with other people.  I’ve always thought that I was  quite selfless, but really, in hindsight, I can be quite selfish, without knowing it myself. Or maybe I do, I just refuse to admit it.  Know that I will do whatever it takes within my power and to the best of my abilities to make up for all the wrongs that I’ve done, and know that you can always talk to me about them. Know that you can choose not to forgive me, but know that I hope you would give me a chance to make amends. It’s strange isn’t it, that we only know where we’ve gone wrong in hindsight, when sometimes, amends simply would not suffice. But do know that even if you do not want to have any more interactions or connections with me, you’ll still be my friend, and I’ll be looking out for you, even if you can’t see me, even if you choose not to see me, I’ll be there.


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