So angry and annoyed at everyone and everything

For no particularly good reason really, this growing rage is eating at me and I have no control over it whatsoever. Whenever I see a soft object I just feel like punching it, and punching it hard; whenever I see a hard object I just feel like hurling it across the room just to hear that loud BAM that ensues; whenever I see a door I just feel like opening it wide and slamming it shut; whenever I see papers I just feel like ripping them apart and whenever I see pencil and paper I just feel like scribbling nonsensical crap all over the surface until there are grotesque gashes, just to make sense of this irrational and illogical fury. But then again do I do them? No. I just carry on with my ever monotonous life, doing past papers and pretending that everything is OK, everything is perfectly fine.


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