epic fail

hah, i said i’d had found my newfound vigour and would go on a past paper frenzy, if one past paper (i.e. chemistry AS 2012 paper 12) constitutes a ‘frenzy’, suit yourself. but yeah, i’ve been super unproductive today. to think i’d dedicated a good FIVE days for as chemistry, i now have ONE day left, which is tomorrow, and this plan is already encroaching on the further stats revision territory. well what can i say, i’m the master of procrastination and i’d excel in all modules related to it. procrastination due to facebook, procrastination due to distractions (comfy bed, comfy couch, comfy armchair you name it) etc. and i’m up at 2:26am reading articles on thought catalog. way to go, jia ying, way to go~


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