ma homies

d, i know i promised not to upload them on facebook, but i just felt really compelled to post them here because you guys are part of my best memories and anyways, hardly anybody reads my blog anyway so your dignities are safe. 😉 



lol j, y u so shy?! 

anyways, i would just like to dedicate this blog entry to you two, whom i so endearingly call, ma homies. you guys have been so kind and patient in putting up with my sometimes odd antics and have been above all, great listeners. i know i’m not someone who openly shares his or her problems but you guys taught me to open up to others more and i now realised how liberating opening up to people is. i’ve hardly ever told anyone else apart from you guys about my problems and i really really do appreciate how non-judgmental you guys are. you guys know full well how highly i regard others’ views of me and i thank you all for being so supportive of that. 

p/s you guys should also realize how honorable it is to appear on my exclusive (insert coughing and hacking) blog 😉 




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