It actually looks pretty nice, simple and clean user interface, that’s what Facebook should always go for 🙂


Facebook users have a long history of flipping out over the site’s numerous redesigns. While I fully expect this to happen again as Facebook rolls out its upcoming News Feed overhaul, the changes actually seem welcome.

The redesigned News Feed is simpler, cleaner and designed to be consistent across desktop and mobile devices. Here are a few reasons why that’s a good thing:

The Current News Feed Is a Godawful Mess

Just step back and look at the News Feed today and admire what a terrible wall of text it has become. Seriously, who thought the four-column layout with two separate feeds — a main column for major news, and a smaller news ticker for the network’s excruciating minutiae — was a good idea? There’s so much clutter on the screen that it’s hard to find the types of information you’re actually looking for.

With the redesign, Facebook has…

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