that sense of peace

i’ve always thought of myself as a non-believer. i believe that even if there’s a ‘god’, he/she/it has no religious affiliation, but i’ve always believed in the existence of a creator that came up with the laws that govern the universe. i’ve been really stressed out lately, so i asked j whether i could join their prayer group in the morning. he was very encouraging and so i went for it (i was a bit late though cuz the bus only arrived at school at 7:50am while the prayer session started at 7:40am). i joined the girls – they were praying for each other, and i just sat there and closed my eyes. for some unfathomable reason, i felt this sense of… peace washed over me. was it just a psychological manifestation, or was it truly an act of god, but one thing i know for sure – i’ll join them again. i’ve never felt at peace with myself for a very long time. i realised too, why d and j can be so… chillax (for lack of a better word) most of the time. i guess believing gives them that strength to go through trying times.

on an unrelated note, i’ll attach a picture (or a few pictures)/a song to each of my future entries from now on that’ll reflect my current mood. just a headsup 🙂

today’s picture is:


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