i still miss it all

i mean it’s been what, 2 years now? i still have dreams (and pleasant dreams don’t come by easily for me) of my previous schooling life in pcghs and how i used to be so darn crazy in class. i remembered the time i physically revolved around m, rapping this komsas drama and eliciting a myriad of responses from the class. most laughed, even pn a tan, some were just rendered speechless, flabbergasted. i also remembered that little play we put up, j, m and i for our english oral. and i also really miss going for recess with them – j would often ‘spike’ my drink with whatever she was drinking, but it ended up still tasting more than decent. just the other day i had a dream about having classes with S5A and i remember not wanting to wake up from it. i miss how lx, ch, yh, yc and a few others would crack jokes in class, eliciting laughter from every corner. i miss how pn lee always said that we were the most ‘warped-minded’ first class students ever and how other teachers said that we were the noisiest and certainly the most boisterous first class students. i like to think that we were really in a league of our own – noise-wise. i remember having started the trend of telling lame nerd jokes, and i miss how we used to create lame nerd jokes of our own. ‘if an element has an identity crisis, which other element should it seek?” “what’s the formula of waterfall?” etc. and i remember how we’d wanted to publish a book filled with nerdy humour. i also miss how we were always so supportive of each other, and of our dreams. how we were never kiasu, which is a trait first class students are notoriously known for having, how we always shared notes and how we believed in benefitting mutually.

it’s just really different with these special people – you get to experience different degrees of craziness every day. they make you laugh even when you don’t feel like to. and you can never get tired of the familial feeling you get from them, ever.

really hope we can all meet up again and relive the whole craziness.

as i write this, i’m listening to “Transatlanticism” by Death Cab for Cutie.

“i need you so much closer… i need you so much closer…”

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