I hate this feeling, I really do. It gives rise to my awkwardness, my lack of confidence and at times, depression (yes). My friends would often ask me: why don’t you join the other students for lunch? or why don’t you mix around with the other students? or why do you like to be alone all the time? The truth is, I feel most comfortable being alone. I don’t have to care how I chew or how I walk. I walk funny because of my back problem, I chew funny because I’m not the most lady-like of people and I’m weird, so sometimes I may say things that are cringe-worthy. And I don’t like the awkward silence, the “uhhs…”, the perplexed look or the strange stare that follows. If only I could be like any normal female person, I would be happy to mix around. Another prime example of wishful thinking, this one is. 


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