My retirement plan

This plan will be more easily carried out if I have no family of my own, hear me out:

This plan is inspired by the Olympic games.

I’m gonna put aside a good sum of money for this plan. I’ll enumerate all the countries in the world in alphabetical order. I’ll press the “Random number” button on the calculator, and I will go to the country which is assigned with that number. I’ll do some brief teaching or wait tables here and there to earn some money. I’ll also do some charity work to give back. I’ll teach maths or physics or both in schools which are poorly funded voluntarily. I’ll tell my students how important education is in changing the course of one’s life. I’ll buy myself a huge, foldable tent and a nice traveling backpack.  I’ll take cheap airlines, I’ll learn to ride a motorbike, I’ll learn to ski, I’ll experience different public transportation systems. I’ll learn new languages and cultures, I’ll experiment with different types of food, I’ll write my experiences and insights in a book – maybe publish it and earn more money for traveling. I’ll meet up with my friends who will be all over the place. We’ll have a drink, or a meal and catch up. I will hear amazing accounts of their lives and I will be happy. Maybe we will travel together and watch grand slams. I will learn to grow grapes and make my own brand of wine. I will muster my courage to talk to strangers during my travels and make new friends of different nationalities. And then I’ll come back from my travels after a very long time and be a tourist in my own country because of the changes that have taken place then. After that I will be a part-time tourist guide, introducing my beloved hometown Penang to the rest of the world, returning the favour they’ve done for me during my travels. And then I’ll become more frail by the day, but I will be happy, because I have fulfilled my childhood dream of traveling around the world.




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