Last Day of School, Friday 13th July 2012

Dear blog,

When the Head Girl finally announced that the assembly had come to an end, I was beyond excited, and also beyond relieved. Finally, the days of self-isolation from the rest of the community are gone, though not for long, I’ll have to relive the same ol’ ordeal in September, but let’s not talk about that. I have come to the conclusion that I’m super-duper introverted and have resigned to the fact that I’ll not go far in life if I continue to stay that way. I’m banking on the fact that I’ll meet my kindred spirit, or spirits in university as all of us will be doing what we like. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I would like to say thank you to my tutor groupmates for all of your amusing antics. I would also like to say thank you to all of my teachers who were able to put up with my tendency to go panicky over the smallest of matters or to ask questions (a little bit too) persistently. Dr P and Dr M, thanks for having such strong faith in me when I doubted myself at times, thank you Mr. F for conquering my fear for flames and improving my practical skills, (I know it seems insignificant to the outside world but trust me, it means the world to me!) and lastly, thank you Ms Tp for giving me various tips on how to relax and to be at peace with oneself. Thank you, Ms T for chatting with me whenever I ate alone at the refectory and providing me with very sound advice.  There were no doubt times where I doubted whether I made the right choice coming to U since I don’t seem to fit in very well in the community but you all really helped remove that doubt. To all my A-level friends, J,D, N and M, thanks for making my days at U more pleasant. J, thanks for calming me down and telling me to chill when I go into panic mode, I promise I’ll never go panicky again so that you won’t have the chance to do that! D, thanks for having faith in me all the time and giving me sound advice on which books to buy and also taking us out for roti or McD. N, thanks for talking to me during tutor period and allaying my loneliness. M, thank you for your amusing antics, they were really fun to watch! No doubt my feelings of the last day of school at U and at PCGHS are very much different, but they’re in one way common: I’m thankful. For all the experiences, good or bad, easy or difficult. I believe armed with these experiences I’ll be able to step foot into society knowing that come what may, I’ll deal with it.

So to all Uplanders, including schoolmates and teachers, happy holidays and have a safe trip to wherever you’ll be heading to!


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