Friday, 6th July 2012

Today was my last day volunteering at Mount Miriam. I was pretty sad that it all had to end so quickly. I really had a lot of fun doing the interesting stuff I was assigned with, like adding oral contrast into bottles of mineral water (oral contrast is added into water to be consumed by a patient who wants to get a PET scan!), answering phone calls at the St. Francis Ward – I had to jot down the name of the patient, name of the staff nurse etc into this admission book. fixing the lights of the wards, etc. Then there were also absolutely boring things we had to do like keying in data, sorting out leave forms etc. However, I was fortunate enough to be assigned these mundane tasks with my good S5A buddy, Jia Ming, and time went by quicker ’cause we were able to talk and catch up while working! It was really refreshing to hear about how life in the UK is like etc. I’m very thankful that I’m still in Penang where everything is still relatively cheap and readily available! On the first day, John and I were assigned to work at the ward. We had the chance to watch a nurse set up a branula for a 16-year-old girl who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The young girl was so optimistic about her future, she was perpetually smiling at the nurse and smiling at us, completely unpertubed by us watching the entire process. I could tell that the process of setting up the branula was extremely excruciating judging from the look on the girl’s face. She didn’t cry nor wail though she had all the right in the world to do so. Both her hands were riddled with brown-coloured bruises due to her previous chemotherapy sessions. I was so pleased to hear that that would be her last chemotherapy. The needle, which was at least 7cm long was inserted into the area between her thumb and her forefinger. She was flinching so hard when the nurse inserted the needle. I, too, was also flinching (even John could tell). She was so strong I was almost moved to tears, if not for John next to me I would have shed a tear or two (urgh why am I getting so easily affected?!) She even had a few SPM books on her bedside, and I asked her whether she’ll be taking her SPM next year, she said yes, unequivocally!  I told her, “SPM is really NOTHING compared to what you’re going through right now!” It was really inspiring to see how she’s going through cancer with a bright smile on her face! I’ve learned a lot during the 5-day period, above all, the importance of cherishing what is presented before you and the importance of being grateful. After that, we went for lunch at Chili’s (it’s too bad Jia Ming couldn’t join us though 😦 ) And then after everyone has left, I went to the cinema to watch the Amazing Spiderman, alone again this time! It was AMAZING, the film totally lived up to its title! I especially loved Andrew Garfield!! (I know this may come across as superficial but the main reason I decided to watch it was that he’s in the film LOL!) He infused a lot of humour into the film and I really loved it!! The storyline was different from the original one but nonetheless good! And I really loved the stunts and the effects as well!!!


Ah, Andrew Garfield’s handsomeness totally made my day! 😛


ts as well! 😀



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