Thursday, 21st June 2012

I was again, nervous about the day that was to come (I’m starting to get really predictable with my introduction to the day!). My SAT 1 score was at long last, going to be revealed. I had pretty low expectations for my score as I knew I had epically screwed up Critical Reading (one can’t critically read (long-winded) passages when he or she only had barely 3 hours of sleep the night before!) So I went to school feeling extremely pre-occupied. I couldn’t really focus on anything except during Physics (which is my favorite subject). We did a fairly easy practical during the first two periods and finished off the chapter on gravitation during the last period. We learned pretty interesting stuff, like the derivation of the formula for gravitational potential energy using calculus and also the derivation of the formula for escape velocity – WHICH IS 11.2KM/S, can you believe it?! The last part of a rocket would have to go at this speed in order to go into space! Physics is just awesomeness at its best! Our highly interesting Further Maths lesson also temporarily kept my mind away from my looming SAT 1 results. We learned summation of series today, which is even more interesting than the a.p g.p we learn in senior middle school. With the concept of series summation, we were able to derive general formulae to solve the integral of sin^nx, and n could be 10000000 for all I know – I think it’s called the reduction formula. My jaw literally dropped when Dr Phipp showed us a wide range of possibilities series summation can afford us with. I couldn’t help but exclaimed in class: “This is magical!” Everyone was equally as awestruck as well, I must say. Seriously, after seeing with my own eyes the possibilities the sciences can afford us with, I’ll have to redefine the word “magic”!

When I got home, I immediately logged on to my college board account. Unfortunately, the status was still “available soon” and not “available now”. I was a bit dejected but relieved all the same. After taking a bath, ZM told me that the results were already out by 5pm. My initial reaction was NOOOOO but then I told myself “come what may I still have to accept my score as it is”. I then went to check my score, here is the breakdown *drumrolls*:

Critical Reading 630 (as expected, major screw up!)

Math: 740 (seriously could have done better! I only started practicing some math questions two days prior!) but I’m pretty pleased with the 97% percentile

Writing: 660 (it’s alright I guess, but I think I could have done it better with a less sleep-deprived brain!)

Essay: 9/12 (this came as a surprise, I couldn’t even finish my conclusion.. -.-)

Overall score: 2030 (I was initially a tad upset about my score, I thought I could have gotten say, 2100 at the very least. However, just to give myself some consolation, I went online and typed in “SAT score 2030” and many people said it’s a pretty excellent score which would afford me with the chance to apply to pretty good universities, but obviously not CALTECH or MIT lol!)

All in all, I was pretty contented with my score, especially my essay ’cause honestly, I wrote everything in such a haste and I couldn’t even finish my conclusion. I left the last sentence hanging without a predicate! I told myself I would be better off with low expectations and well, 2030 is alright considering it’s my first attempt! 🙂

After that, I felt considerably less disappointed or sad as I was going to meet up with Shueh Yin and Janice  at Gurney Plaza. Things got really funny actually! Shueh Yin and I had actually planned on arriving at 7:30pm to get Janice a journal as a parting gift. We told Janice to come at 8pm. As I had to drop my brother at a tuition centre in Pulau Tikus prior, I arrived around 10-15 minutes late (I had told Shueh Yin prior). Shueh Yin was supposed to meet me at MPH, but when I went into MPH, I couldn’t see her. So I started to become a tad frantic as I could not contact her as her phone was sent for repair. So I went to search for places with wifi but all the wifi networks available required pass codes. So I went into Sushi Tei (which was our intended dining restaurant) to see whether she and Janice were already there waiting for me as I was 15 minutes late, but there was no one. So seeing as no one has arrived yet, I went to the ground floor to do some window shopping alone as per usual. After approximately 20 minutes, Janice called me and told me she was on her way to MPH, so I told her to go to Sushi Tei instead and we would wait for Shueh Yin there. The entire situation was just really amusing, with all the confusion and all that. But we managed to have a good time during dinner at Sushi Tei. We talked about our own lives, shuehyin’s uni life especially, our friends in Australia etc etc. Sighs I really miss these girls so much! :’) Then both of us gave Shueh Yin her belated birthday present, I gave her The Cranberries’ newest album “Roses” (i’m hoping she likes it!)

Then Janice so wonderfully got her a birthday cake, we performed the usual ritual and took a lot of photos. Here is one of the photos I took during the farewell-cum-birthday dinner:




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