Random rants and raves #2

Dear blog,

Sighs, sometimes I feel a tad upset and frustrated when people do not show any interest at all in what I have to say. I mean yes, I can’t force people to listen attentively to what I have to say all the time if it doesn’t really interest them at all, but I can’t help but feel a tad wounded, just a tad though. My mum always says that my brothers don’t really talk to her often and only I am able to talk to her. Like sometimes in the car, to avoid awkward silence when I’m driving, I would talk about my aspirations, like what I would do if I were a physics researcher etc, and I would go on about some theories that interest me like the cyclic model or quantum entanglement etc, but in the middle of my little “lecture on physics”, she would just say something COMPLETELY unrelated to what I just said like “What time’s your class later?” or “Hey that car looks really beautiful” or “So what do you want to have for lunch today?”etc etc.  The questions just came completely out of nowhere. I mean I tried to make whatever I said as layman and as interesting as possible! What should I be talking about then? I would answer her out of the blue question when I’m in a particularly good mood but when I feel frustrated I would say “Were you listening to what I was telling you just now?” and she would say “Yes I was, but I really have no idea what you were just saying, I don’t really know Physics very well” or something along that line. I like sharing my interests with people I love, if it’s someone I barely know or is just an acquaintance, I will not even bother to talk about all that. I know this frustration is a bit unjustified since everyone is entitled to have selecting hearing, but please, please wait until I’m done before asking another COMPLETELY UNRELATED question or interjecting with something COMPLETELY UNRELATED… Though I think it’s a tad difficult since I can never really stop talking until I get thirsty or tired lol! I wouldn’t even mind if someone were to interject with something related (or even remotely so)… As I understand how it all feels, even if something doesn’t quite interest me, I would still listen on and try to find something interesting or funny in it, and I will also ask a question or two to show my interest in the topic, is it really an insurmountable thing to do? That is why one of the most important criteria in my future companion is not good looks, but the willingness to listen to what I have to say (preferably also having the same interests as me!)


I’m sorry to be a bore at times, people. But I would really appreciate if you interject when I’m talking with a completely unrelated question, please. :/ I don’t really have the flair for essay writing etc, that is why stringing words to form even remotely coherent phrases is a tough task for me, so please, don’t tell me how beautiful a car is when I’m telling you about my dream to acquire a vineyard okay?



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