Saturday, 16th June 2012

I was very excited about the day to come. My French teacher told us last Saturday to each buy some ingredients for the quiche we’d be making today. I was assigned to buy some gruyère (I still managed to find it even though it’s deemed to be “very rare” in Malaysia!). My teacher said that it’s the best possible cheese type for a typical quiche!

After handing out the test papers and discussing them, we proceeded to making our quiche. My first task was to grate the gruyère using a cheese grater. I have never used one before and hence have never known how awesome it is! The recipe said only 60g of gruyère was required but I grated all 200g of the gruyère that I bought as I believed, the more the cheese, the better French food tastes! 🙂 After that, I was assigned to stir fry the mushrooms and the onions. I was literally a cooking literate, but I still wanted to try my hands on doing some simple cooking. My classmate, Claire (which btw is a French name!) gave me a lot of pretty useful cooking tips. She and I shared the same task of stir frying the mushrooms and the onions. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to fry the onions and mushrooms until they appeared golden brown, indicating that they were already well cooked. Other students were given other tasks and after half an hour of toil and sweat, we were able to get everything ready. The most daunting part of the process was to remove the dough (or in French, le pâte) from the glass table in one round piece as it was not compact enough. In the end, Claire provided everyone with a brilliant idea of scooping the dough into the circular mould and rolling it flat using a cup (which was the only viable object available). After placing the onions and mushrooms into some milk (which was already in the mould), we covered it with the shredded gruyère.   It was finally ready to be put into the preheated oven! After an excruciating 30-minute wait, we were finally able to get a taste of the quiche we made. It actually tasted pretty good, but according to my teacher, more salt should’ve been added. The pastry was the only flaw in the entire quiche, in my opinion! I only had a fairly small piece, but it was so filling I could only eat lunch at 4pm!

My mum agreed to take me to pierce my ears after French. I was really looking forward to it all afternoon! I initially wanted to have two piercings on each ear, one after the other, but my mum was very reluctant to let me have two. She took me to Poh Kong, a jewelry shop at Queensbay to do it (after sending my CPU for repair at a computer shop opposite USM). As I sat down on one of the stools, I could literally feel my heart palpating rapidly. I initially thought that it was going to be an excruciating process, but it all happened so quickly. It only took the lady literally a matter of seconds to get a sterilized earring pierced into each of my ears. The resulting pain was only truly felt afterwards. So I went to Borders to read in the hopes of alleviating the pain, and it worked! My ears didn’t feel as painful as they did before. Reading really helps numb unpleasant feelings, so does doing maths and physics questions!

Here is a photo of my stud (I actually like it as it is, so I’m most probably not getting another one done!)

Alright, this is it. There’s really nothing more interesting than what I’ve just mentioned.


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