Friday, 15th June 2012

Dear blog,

I was pretty excited about the day that was to come as I finally got to meet up with my S5A friends after a very long time. The first thing I did in the morning was to pack the two bottles of sparkling juice into a bag to be taken to school lest I forget to (I’m a real scatterbrain!). I had to go to Janice’s place after school as my mother could not come out from work to fetch me to the Rainbow Paradise beach. The hours at school passed by uneventfully. I’m very pleased with my maths results, but I am still determined to NOT succumb to complacency and continue to put in as much effort (or even more) for not only maths, but also physics, chemistry and further maths! And I HAVE to continue deciphering Mechanics 2, chapter by chapter. I know I’m not going to take it in any maths exam but I just feel extremely uncomfortable not knowing what it’s all about! Plus I need the knowledge in M2 for my (potential) physics degree in the future.

After school, I went to Janice’s house to change from my school uniform to a pair of t-shirt and beach pants fit for the occasion. After that, I helped Janice peel the potatoes (which would be made into mashed potatoes to be brought to the gathering) while she boiled the eggs. She forgot to watch the heat and the eggs almost got destroyed. Luckily, most of the eggs were salvageable, only two were rendered inedible by the excessive heat. Soon after, Michelle, Ning Hui  and Amanda reached Janice’s place. They salvaged whatever that was left of the eggs and helped out with getting the best taste for the mashed potatoes. After having prepared everything to be brought to the gathering, we left in Michelle’s car to our destination – Rainbow Paradise Beach.

We weren’t the earliest. Yi Xing, Jia Xin and Hui Tee had already found us a strategic spot under a huge tree (what a good natural shade indeed!). After exchanging hellos and “long time no sees”, Janice, Michelle and I proceeded with experimenting with the kites Michelle had so awesomely fixed. After a few alterations (like cutting off the “tail”, tying a few extra knots etc), the kite was able to stay in the air for longer periods of time. When we were flying the kites, we had to run for cover at times when there were amateur parachutists who were in the middle of descending. Luckily, nobody crashed landed!

After flying for approximately an hour, we went back to the gathering site to have a drink. I was so thankful for the sparkling juice – they provided me with the soothing effect I needed after spending a full hour under the scorching sun.  The other girls came back to the gathering site and we started talking about our lives in general. I couldn’t help but feel a tad unfamiliar with the entire situation – we were all talking about our separate lives, as opposed to the last few years where all we talked about were our lives at school, the teachers, the homework assignments etc. It was still refreshing all the same to listen to them talk about their respective lives. Janice and Michelle went off to build sandcastles and we continued to chat. Sadly, Yi Xing had some other commitments and had to leave early.

After an hour of chatting, I decided to join Michelle and Janice in their quest to build a sandcastle that wouldn’t collapse even with the constant attack of the waves. No matter how we tried to reinforce the castle, it just wouldn’t be sturdy! The attempts were futile and my pants and the bottom part of my t-shirt were completely soaked in sea water (I believe I might have swallowed some as well! :s). In the end, Janice and I just watched the fruit of our efforts slowly disappear. It was actually pretty saddening to witness its slow demise!

All of us then went back to the strategic gathering site to chat and binge on junk food and sparkling juice (Janice’s mashed potatoes and the char siew buns from Wong Kok were especially awesome!) After deciding that it was already pretty late, we all went into Michelle’s car to Straits Quay. I had to change into my school uniform as my t-shirt and pants were still nowhere near dry after half an hour!

Once we reached Straits Quay, some of us went to Fruuze to get some well-needed frozen yoghurt while some went to Secret Recipe to order food. We continued chatting at Secret Recipe – at that moment I felt really thankful to Michelle for organising this special gathering; it felt extremely good to catch up!

After having dinner, we stayed at Straits Quay for awhile before leaving in Michelle’s van. It was an awesome experiencing sitting on the floor of the van! People who didn’t know better would actually think we were illegal immigrants or something like that! :p The worst part of it all was the part where we had to bid farewell. I’m going to miss these people and the times we had! I’m hoping that another gathering would be in order in December with a larger turnout!

Here are some photos during the gathering (credits to Amanda and Michelle!)

Le Jump Shot! All smiles for the camera!



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