Thursday, 14th June 2012

Dear blog,

I got increasingly anxious as the bus pulled up at the entrance of the school – and the reason for that was none other than having to receive my atrocious Chemistry results. I was actually pretty convinced that I would get a B or even a C for it after exiting the exam hall. Fortunately I was able to stop dwelling on the past when I was doing my Physics practical and theory exams and I was actually pretty pleased with my overall performance in that subject.

When Mr F (my Chemistry teacher) came into the perpetually bizarre-smelling B305,  he asked all of us whether we would like him to give out our papers (he actually finished grading the papers on Tuesday night! How bloody efficient!) or to continue teaching. I was in favour of him teaching the next chapter but he knew that deep down, we wanted the results, no matter how bad they may be. He gave my paper last, and when I looked at the score, it was really beyond my initial expectation! I honestly thought I would have gotten a B, but I got an A instead! I was delighted, but I couldn’t help but feel a tad guilty as I have done some of the questions prior. And I did alright in the practical section, which was never what I expected seeing as I would break an apparatus or two virtually every time during lab lessons. I’m a real klutz!

I’m also pretty pleased with my Physics, Mechanics 1 and Statistics 1 (which btw, are two of the seven modules in normal maths)! I also continued reading Mars 12: Destination Mars. It’s going pretty well and I like how the story is progressing! 🙂 I can at times relate to how Mr B. (which is one of the main characters of the book) feels…

Something highly interesting happened on the bus just now. A(n) Australian/British(I can’t really distinguish between their accents!) student received a text from a boy (I’m assuming he’s a local?). That boy sent her the word “p***mak” (if you’re a local you should know what this word is, I just find it too distasteful to type out!). She started asking (really loudly at that) around for a Malaysian who knows Malay who can translate that word. She kept going “Does anyone here know Malay, what does p***mak mean?” and her friend even said “Does it mean bitch or something?” LOL! Totally made my day! I was just sitting two seats diagonally to her but I just could not bring myself to telling her what it actually meant. I don’t want to be teaching kids the wrong things lol, but she knew what it meant eventually (and I just got to know a few minutes ago that it was actually my FRIEND who told her what it actually meant!) The funniest part of it all was how casually she said the word and how oblivious she was of the actual connotation of the word!

As I’m writing, I’m watching the highlights of the Euro2012 on channel 828. Sighs, sometimes I wish I’m blessed with the flair for writing so that my blogposts won’t appear this bland. :X

Just bought some fried chicken from a stall near Farlim and munching on them like a glutton now! After dinner, I will have to decipher the topics in mechanics 2…


Have a good day!


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