Random rants and raves #1

So what if I just really want to go study in a non-prestigious university? It definitely has smaller class sizes, with professors who are able to dedicate the better of their time teaching instead of conducting experiments like certain researcher-cum-teachers? I dislike people who would come up to me and ask (should the opportunity arises): “Why didn’t you apply to this (insert name of top-notch university) instead? You would have prospered better there!” etc etc (you get the gist)

But sometimes I can’t help but view others’ opinions of me highly. I even worry that my parents would feel inferior if they were to encounter such a situation and had to answer “She’s JUST attending (insert name of slightly non-presitigious university)” and people would start comparing their children to my parents’.

Haih, I always fail to understand the complexities of human nature. Sometimes I feel that humans are more unpredictable than the universe (sans the humans in it). Why can’t we just learn to accept things as they are rather than compare what we have with what others have? Or why do we seek perfection so much while we can be contented with what we already have? Why we have to succumb to peer pressure and things like that. But then again, if we don’t, we’re not co-existing, we’ll in fact be existing, but independent of each other…

Why oh why are things so bloody complicated?!



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