Wednesday, 13th of June 2012

Dear blog,

At long last (or maybe not very long), my end-of-year exams are over! I just sat for my P3 and M1 papers just now, thankfully I did alright in them. It was pretty unfair to my friends that I have done the M1 paper prior though. After my last paper, as I exited the exam hall, I didn’t feel terribly relieved like how people would feel after their exams are over. I guess I was still feeling a bit numb. That’s what exams do to you, they make you emotionless at times. I feel pretty bad for the IB students because they’re still halfway through while the A-level students are already done with the exams. 

My mum came to pick me up from school at 1pm and took me for what I like to call an “exam post-mortem lunch” at Sushi Zento, which is located in a pretty fancy place called Precint10 in Tanjung Bungah (or is it Tanjung Tokong? I can never really distinguish between the two!). The food was pretty good I guess, but then again, Japanese food anywhere tastes the same to me! I then requested my mum to drop me at Gurney Plaza for some alone time. I know I’m bizarre but at times, I prefer window-shopping alone. This highly unproductive activity helps me clear my head and alleviate my sadness. I decided that I couldn’t possibly be spending 3 hours at the mall (I get sick of window-shopping after only 45 minutes!) so I went to the cinema. I initially planned on watching Snow White and the Huntsmen but I thought it was a tad too angst-y, so I bought a ticket to watch Madagascar instead. And it was FANTASTIC – it was precisely what I needed after 3 days of nothing but misery. It was incredibly funny and pretty inspirational for a children film. I honestly don’t mind watching it again with my friends just to have a good time. And it was my first time watching a film in the cinema alone as well! I still prefer going to the cinema with my friends and family though. After having watched the film, I went to Cold Storage to get some Gruyère and Cheddar for the quiche we’ll be making at the Alliance Française. A useful tip here: Should you want to make a quiche, use Cheddar in place of Gruyère if you find the latter to be too expensive or rare. I even bought two bottles of sparkling juice for the gathering we’ll be having this Friday at the beach. I haven’t gotten a consent from the  my school’s bus service department as to whether I can be dropped of at Janice’s house, but I bought the sparkling juice anyway – I just like to think I can get the consent. 

The day went pretty well though, until something bad happened. My phone battery went dead and my mum had no means of contacting me and vice versa. She said that she would pick me up at 5pm. So I waited at the Gurney Drive entrance (which is where she usually picks me up after my window shopping sessions) for her. After having waited for 15 minutes, she still hadn’t arrived. So I went to the Kelawai Road entrance and found her waiting there, beside herself with fury. I was then given a lecture on how I should be more responsible etc etc. I felt pretty bad for letting her get so worried about me. She can sometimes be overprotective like any parent would. 

My mum also got me some anti-acne gel for me from the hospital. I feel extremely grateful to her for getting them! I’m a tad apprehensive about applying the gel because it’s bound to cause a pretty unpleasant stinging effect! 

I just had a quick skim-through of what I wrote and realized how incredibly boring I am! 



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